Mud to Mauvelous! Part 1-Throwing


Hi friends,

I’m sticking to my commitment to not have a commitment as far as blogging goes (ya know, I mentioned it would be a hodge-podge blog…always different…always keepin’ ya guessin’).

Today, I thought I’d start a series of how-to videos and show the process of using clay.  Fancy ol’ me even has a YouTube channel!  Umm, I literally set it up 10 minutes ago only because the video was too long to email to myself (don’t worry it’s only about 7 minutes).  Long story short, I’m not very techy…my 13 year old daughter helped me…I’m very thankful for her!  And I’m excited I have a place to add more videos.

So, settle in for a few and enjoy 🙂

How to Throw a Plate

Well…what’d ya think?  Let me know :).

Gotta say g’bye now and get back to glazin’…

But, I also wanna say I’ve been truly blessed and touched by the efforts of the local community and online community in supporting small business.  I’m so thankful for all of you.  I could not live my dream without you all!

Take care and God Bless,




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