My Pottery

Being a Georgia girl means I grew up with bare feet and swimsuits that were tinged with orange Georgia clay. At the time it seemed like a hassle, but now I cherish those funny memories. Probably because I purposely play with clay today. One of my favorite parts about the process with pottery is the beginning. Getting messy with clay, forming what looks to be a useless lump into a functional, or just fun, piece of art.

I use many types of clay, including orange Georgia clay and another clay from the mountains that, when fired, looks just like chocolate. I mix many of my own glazes and enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of glaze colors and combinations. When doing sculptural work, I absolutely love putting a unique twist on animals and natural objects found in our area.

Another favorite aspect of pottery is ‘kiln day’. When the kiln is finally cool enough to unload, I get to see how everything has turned out. Days of clay drying, bisque firing, and glaze firing lead up to the very special moment when I get to hold the completed piece in my two hands. The whole process is beautiful to me and I think it’s like life, a circle. The clay starts out simple but with potential and promise. It endures the pressure of being formed and perfected, and in the end becomes something beautiful. We are in a process of sorts, as well. And we have the hope of becoming something beautiful each day.

View an assortment of pottery & sculpture pieces I have produced by visiting the following links:

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