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“Rainbow Fish” Hand Carved, Hand Painted

“Octopus”- Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted

“Michael”-Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted


“Butterfly Life Cycle”: In Memory of Aunt Jean. Hand Carved and Sculpted, Hand Painted


“Rays of Mountain Hope”-Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted

Hand Carved Peacock Lamp

“Arty the Owl”-Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted

owl back

The Back of “Arty the Owl” Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted

photo upload 1-29-14 293

“Peacock Feather Plate” Hand Carved, Hand Painted


Hand Carved Lamp #1


Hand Carved Lamp #2


Hand Carved Lamp #3


Hand Carved Lamp #4


Hand Carved Lamp #5

4-6-15 076

Hand Carved Fern Plate

photo upload 1-29-14 163

“Tree of Life”- Hand Carved, Hand Painted

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